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We’ve all been sick with a trampoline virus.

I call it that because every time we think we’re on the mend, it bounces back again and knocks us out for a couple more days.  It’s been doing the rounds of the neighbourhood, and our own little family unit, for the last few weeks.

I’m finally feeling a bit better, but poor Pete is still quite sick, and now Big Boy is coming down with it again.  The change in weather hasn’t helped – as I’m writing this, we’re coming out of the wettest April in Sydney in 21 years.

Anyway, enough whinging, I decided that the boys (and the sick neighbours) needed a treat. I wasn’t feeling well enough to bake anything from scratch, but thankfully I had a few rolls of freezer cookie dough stashed away for emergencies.

Today, the freezer yielded a batch of Shortbread Cookies, coated in demerara sugar (Small Man’s favourites)…

…a tray of spiced Speculaas, perfect for dunking in a hot cup of tea…

…and for Pete, these oozy, crumbly World Peace Cookies.  They’re made with Dutched cocoa and 70% dark chocolate callets, making them a very grown up treat.

Everyone was fed and happy, and best of all, there was almost no washing up!

If you’d like to fill your freezer with future cookies, you might enjoy these recipes:

They’re the perfect standby for when friends drop in unexpectedly, when small people announce they’re supposed to take something to school for a class party, or when everyone is down and out for the count with a trampoline virus.

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