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We have a couple of very grown up cheeses in our fridge at the moment, as opposed to the usual stock of Mozzarella, Pecorino and Jarlsberg.

We’re aging a Stracchino – a soft cow’s milk cheese set with a yoghurt rennet.  It’s locally made and similar to a young Brie.  Left unwrapped in the fridge and turned daily, it will develop a rind and mature in flavour.  Of course, that process isn’t helped by my nibbling at it daily – but despite that, it’s firming up quite quickly.

cheese 002

This is today’s discovery – buffalo Parmesan. It has a distinct tangy flavour quite different from regular Parmesan, and we’ll serve it at dinner tonight with sourdough bread, Pukara Novello and some wonderful vintage balsamic.

cheese 005

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