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Our quest for new flavours took us to Gloria’s Restaurant in Petersham – one of Sydney’s better known Portuguese eateries.

I love places like this – there’s no pomp and ceremony, just hearty meals with authentic flavours served in a relaxed, casual setting.  We shared four tapas style entrees, starting with the Chourico Grelhado na Mesa – a chilli chorizo grilled over a flaming terracotta burner (above).

The Bolinho de Bacalhau, Rissol de Carne/Camarao (codfish, meat and prawn cakes) were light, interesting and moreish – my favourite dish of the evening.

Our mains included an Arroz de Marisco – seafood rice filled with king prawns, mussels and vongole, served with black olives and green capsicums…

…and the absolutely delicious, if slightly less visually appealing, Rojões – fork tender lean pork which had obviously been slow cooked for hours in red wine, then served with salami, liver and rice.

Because we were dining with Cliff and Kathy, the drinks were an integral part of the meal!  They included this Portuguese beer – new to Cliff, who is an aficionado…

…and a bottle of sublime Taylor’s 1983 Vintage Port, dragged from the depths of our cellar especially for this occasion.  Is there anything better than enjoying wonderful food and wine in the company of good friends?

. . . . .

Gloria’s Restaurant
82 Audley Street
Petersham  NSW
Phone: (02) 9568 3966

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