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Pete is the oldest of five siblings.  His brothers and sisters don’t all live in Sydney, so it was a rare treat to have brunch with them last weekend.

We were visiting Orange, one of the largest rural cities in our state, and dined at The Old Convent in Borenore, about 20 minutes from the centre of town.  We were seated in a huge private room, complete with lounge area and fireplace, which provided plenty of skipping room for our young niece.

The fixed menu breakfast included sublime poached pears, homemade muesli and yoghurt…

…followed by poached eggs and bacon on toast…

…and corn fritters served with smoked salmon and yoghurt.

For the children, there was French toast and maple syrup, as well as toast with Vegemite.  And yes, I did take a crossword to Sunday morning breakfast!

The venue was charming and quaint, and I was sorely tempted by the local pottery on display…

. . . . .

On the four hour drive back to Sydney, we stopped at Bilpin Springs, nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains.  This family run orchard allows you to pick your own fruit, and we spent the better part of an hour exploring amongst the fruit trees.

Available for picking were Granny Smith apples…

…the last of the Pink Lady apples…

…and an assortment of citrus fruit.  Sundowner apples were due to start picking the following week.

We picked a few kilos of Pink Ladies and some Granny Smiths, as well as a kilo of juicy limes.

That night for dinner, I made Small Man’s favourite apple pie, using our just picked Granny Smiths.  The perfect ending to a great weekend!

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