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Every Friday, at Flemington Markets, there is an Italian gentleman selling torrone.

He has a tiny stall, which sells nothing else but bags and bars of this handmade Italian nougat.  He stands behind his stall all morning long, hacking at giant blocks of torrone with a large cleaver, then packing  the pieces into small plastic bags for sale. I can only assume that he makes  the nougat at  home during the week,  ready for a busy Friday trade.  I find the whole set-up so appealing that I always end up buying a couple of bags.  It’s wickedly delicious, chewy and moreish.

His torrone is studded with almonds (any other nuts are simply wrong, he told me last week)  and it sells for a fixed price, regardless of how much you buy – $2 for 50g, $4 for 100g, $12 for 300g.

Look out for it the next time you’re at the markets – it’s a great weekend treat!

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