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“Hey Celia…Do you want me to buy a fresh truffle for you?
A small one about the size of a largish marble would be about $20 – $25.”

Have I mentioned recently that I love my friend the Spice Girl?

I replied to her texted offer with a resounding “Yes please!”, and we arranged to meet at Eveleigh Markets the following Saturday after she returned from her trip to Tasmania.

These markets are an expensive place to shop, but a great source of unusual food treasures.  I bought the freshest celeriac I’ve ever seen…

…some new season wet garlic…

…an unusual gourmet potato…

…and a leg of saltbush lamb – something I’ve been meaning to try ever since reading about about salt marsh lamb on Joanna’s blog ages ago

My truffle was, on instruction, kept in a jar with fresh eggs for a week…

…before being shaved over mushroom risotto last Sunday.

Thanks Spice Girl, we had a blast with our baby truffle!

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