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Some photos of this week’s market purchases…


The Korean stall had these gorgeous mushrooms – enoki, trumpet, shitake, baby and mature King Browns.  I combined them with some cheaper button mushrooms and a handful of dried porcini to make mushroom soup for dinner.  The different varieties provided the dish with a complex, satisfying flavour.

fet 018

Just look at this guy!  Cooked Spanner crabs (known as Kona crabs in the US) were just $6.99/kilo, so I was able to buy three of these for $7.50.  I bought them more for novelty value than anything else, as I’d never seen a crab that looked quite like this.  Most of the meat is in the body, with just a little in the claws and legs.

I picked all the meat, mixed it with Japanese mayonnaise and a little chilli sauce, then served it as a spread on thinly sliced sourdough bread.  Made a fantastic starter, but lots of work – I’m not sure I’d go to all that effort again.  Having said that, it’s always nice to try something different for a change!

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