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This lovely recipe by the divine Ms Dupleix appeared in our local newspaper recently.

And although I couldn’t eat it for breakfast, it made a wonderful lunch for Maude and I last week.  I used cavolo nero (kale) from Maude’s garden, as well as basil, leeks, kale and nasturtium leaves from our backyard.  The cooked chick peas and pork stock came out of the freezer, and the spelt and walnut sourdough added a delicious nuttiness to the dish.  Topped with salty capers and homemade harissa,  it was delicious and very, very filling!

The soup could easily be made totally vegetarian by substituting the meat stock with a vegetable one. It’s a versatile dish, easily adaptable to whatever greens we can forage from our gardens, and quick to assemble, particularly if tinned chick peas or packaged stock are used. The recipe is here, and it’s definitely worth trying!

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