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I had a plate of antipasto and pizza toppings leftover from a recent dinner with friends.

There were slices of pancetta flat, fresh and matured mozzarella, sundried tomato, baked ricotta, fig paste, a few basil leaves and a solitary stuffed chilli pepper…

I chopped all the leftovers up and added them to a batch of Joanna’s white toast bread dough.  I included the antipasto in at the initial kneading stage, and then proceeded as usual, although I baked the dough in two smaller loaf pans rather than one large one (to accommodate the increased bulk).

Even though this lovely, versatile recipe is yeast based, it seems to produce loaves that keep very well –  these were still fresh enough to eat untoasted the following day.

We served the loaves cut into thick slices and slathered with fresh ricotta – a quick and easy mid-week lunch!

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