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I was keen to try making heart-shaped rolls, after seeing them on a Valentine’s Day episode of River Cottage recently.

Google turned up fabulous instructions here, and the technique adapted well to my sourdough rolls.  I lowered the hydration in my dough a little to help it hold the shape.

Begin by shaping the proved dough into balls – mine were about 160g each…

Roll one end of the ball into a point – I did this by rolling the dough between the palms of my hands…

Snip through the fat end of the roll with a pair of kitchen scissors…

Now turn the dough “ears”, so that the cut surfaces are face down…

Place on a parchment lined tray, and cover first with a sheet of greased clingfilm, and then with a tea towel.  Allow to prove.

Slash the hearts if desired, then bake as you normally would for bread rolls.  Mine took 15 minutes at a preheated 220C with fan, followed by a further 20 minutes at 175C with fan (which is standard for my sourdough recipe and oven).   Serve to people you love!

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