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Our large lilly pilly tree is home to a breeding pair of Australian Red Wattlebirds.

However, we believe the chick they’re feeding is an Australian Koel – a local version of the cuckoo. The chick is enormous, much bigger than its unwitting foster parents, and was happily climbing over the top branches today, feasting on the small red fruit.  I took these photos especially for birdlovers Joanna and Brian.  If anyone can shed some light on whether this really is a Koel, or whether Wattlebird chicks change substantially as they fledge, please let us know!

I also managed to snap some interesting bee photos  today – they were particularly enamoured with our flowering broccoli spikes and happily buzzed around for several minutes while I played wildlife photographer.

I was fascinated by the packets of pollen on their legs! I’d read about these, but had never actually seen them before, yet today every bee in the yard seemed to sport a couple of yellow balls on her legs.  I’d love to know what broccoli flower honey tastes like!

Edit: The bees are still feasting, so I took a couple more photos this afternoon!

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