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You know how some people have white kitchens?  Everything is white and stainless steel and elegant.  That is so not the case at our house. Sure, the benches are white, and we serve dinner on white bone china, but the advent of silicone and plastic has added glorious colour to the room.  On a dull and overcast day, just opening the kitchen drawers can put a smile on my face.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the colours of my kitchen.

Here are the browns – chocolate, dutch cocoa, and more chocolate.

colour 024

Pete’s magnificent jams are always jewel-like and luminescent. If they didn’t taste so good, I’d keep them on the shelf as decorative pieces.

colour 033

I have a pair of Emile Henry tagines in flame red which I am completely besotted with.  Food always tastes better cooked in these – I’m sure the colour makes a difference…

colour 043

My friend Robyn gave me a Herbie’s Spice Kit for my birthday, and Pete V brought  back saffron for me from their trip to Spain.  I find the colour of  the spices appealing – particularly the red and terracotta toned ones.  The saffron is so alluring that whenever I need some for a recipe, I have to spend ten minutes admiring it first…

colour 029

colour 028

And finally, here are my customised Fig Jam and Lime Cordial Welding Gloves.   You know you’ve hit the big time when you have branded merchandise, although it’s a little sad when you have to make it yourself.  I found these welding gloves at a great price, and can you guess why?  How many welders do you know who would front up to a construction site wearing bright orange welding gloves?  Which is a shame, because these are day-brighteningly gorgeous!

colour 012

colour 014

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Here’s another reason my welding gloves are cool – they don’t burst into a fireball and burn down the house when you accidentally leave them on top of a lit gas burner and go off to play Spider Solitaire on the computer.

Thankfully Big Boy noticed all the smoke in the kitchen and went to investigate, then used his powerful brass musician lungs to blow the fire out.  The leather gloves were actually burning away quite gently – I guess they wouldn’t work for welding if they burst into flames whenever a spark landed on them. Nevertheless, I’m feeling incredibly grateful right now that the house is still standing.


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