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Our life is frittered away by detail… Simplify, simplify, simplify! … Simplicity of life and elevation of purpose.
Henry David Thoreau

Back when Small Man was a Very Small Man, he and I made beeswax candles  for his preschool teachers.  They were almost no effort at all, but they were the product of precious little hands, and therefore dearly cherished by the recipients.

Beeswax is such a lovely material to work with – the sheets are easy to use, the wax moisturizers your hands as you roll, and the finished candle burns very cleanly.  Wrapped in cellophane and tied with a tartan ribbon, it’s the perfect gift for someone special.

It’s been years since we last made candles, and I haven’t given them much thought over that time.  Then I met beekeeper Richard at Flemington Markets, who sold me these gorgeous golden sheets of beeswax.  Today, with the house quiet and the wind chimes tinkling in the background, I spent a peaceful, contemplative half hour rolling candles.  It was very therapeutic!


Tip: roll tightly and freeze the finished candle before lighting –  doing both will extend the burning time of the wax.

If you can’t get to the markets, beeswax sheets are widely available via mail order.  They’re very reasonably priced – my sheets were just $1.10 each.  The sheets are placed in hives for the bees to lay their honey on, so if you can’t get them from a candlemaking supplier, try your local beekeepers.

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Edit: If you’re planning to pick these up from Richard at Flemington Markets, do make sure you email him first at  admin@thebeewhisperer.tv and ask him to bring sheets and wick for you – he doesn’t usually have the stock on hand. You might also want to double-check what days he’s at the markets before you go!

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Back in 1997, Pete bought me a sublime set of wind chimes for Christmas.  He’d found them at the Wilderness Society store and they had cost (even back then) a small fortune.  These aren’t scrappy bits of tin that clank together in a cacophony of metal whenever the wind blows.  Instead, they’re a set of magnificent, tuned, powder coated pipes which provide the most gentle and soothing of tones in the lightest breeze.

Ours is majestically named the Cathedral and the pipes are tuned to a D major scale. These dangle off the pergola roof, largely unprotected from the weather, and, apart from the cobwebs, they’re  in almost exactly the same  condition as they were when we first hung them.  My kitchen opens onto the back deck and often, perhaps daily, there will be a whimsical moment in the mid-afternoon when I’ll be pottering at the stove, the house will be silent and I’ll hear the deep tones of the wind chimes as a slight breeze rustles them – and I’ll be cheered and uplifted for the rest of the day. I found them online today – you can click here to listen to them.

Recently I had a discussion with Pete about how fortunate we are to have each other and the boys, and how grateful I was for all the good things in our lives.  I was feeling very blessed. Pete’s reply was that everyone is blessed in some way, it’s just that most people don’t acknowledge their “blessedness”.  That’s what the wind chimes do each day – they remind me of my blessedness.


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