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I made these delicious cardamom and cinnamon owl rolls from a recipe on Joanna’s blog.

They’re light, briochey and very cute.  The original post is here, and I promised Jo that I’d put some photos up to try and explain the unusual shaping instructions.

Work each piece of dough into a rectangle, then smear it with butter and sprinkle over the combined cinnamon and sugar (the cardamom is mixed into the dough itself).  Roll it up tightly longways, so that you get a long thin roll, rather than a short, fat one.

Cut each log into triangles as shown…

Stand each little pyramid on its base…

…and give it a good squish to flatten it out…

Most of the rolls ended up looking like cute little owls’  heads…

…but this one reminded me of a curled up echidna!

The combination of spices gives the rolls a subtle, exotic flavour and the use of plain flour results in a soft, almost delicate crumb.  Pete and Big Boy loved these!

Edit: for those unfamiliar with the echidna, it’s an unusual Australian native, one of only two monotremes (mammals that lay eggs rather than birthing live young, the other being the platypus).  It’s an Aussie icon, and its image graces our 5c coin.  Do take a look at the Wikipedia article – the echidna has some interesting physical characteristics (not the least of which is a four-headed reproductive organ!).

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