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Tim the Boy Wonder is studying for exams, and we thought we’d give him a hand.

Several, in fact, including the milk, dark and hazelnut praline studded ones above.  He can use them to practice his royal wave!

They’ll be a lot to remember, but hopefully the ol’ string around the finger trick will help…

An assortment of minis, because many hands make light work, and also because the Boy Wonder loves a round of applause…

At the same time, Tim’s dad PeteA is having a birthday.  We’ve made him a birthday card using Christina’s blend

…and a hollow chocolate Ferrari.

My Pete is somewhat concerned that his car obsessed friend will feel this isn’t a real Ferrari (as this model was made after it was bought by Fiat)…

I, on the other hand, am somewhat concerned that PeteA will break a tooth like he did on the last car we made for him.  Although back then we were less practiced at moulding chocolate, and we’d made the whole thing solid.

That was six years ago – hopefully he’s overcome any aversion to car-shaped chocolates since then!

PS. All moulds were from Candyland Crafts, although the car is now discontinued.

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