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How’s the Christmas prep going?

We left our run quite late this year, but we’ve finally finished putting together our mini-hampers. Here are a few last minute suggestions (which hopefully won’t necessitate a visit to the shops)…


Our hampers are packed in paper gift bags decorated with discount store stickers…

We always make our own gift tags, and thought we’d share them with you. Just print them out on thin card and cut them up as needed (we use a guillotine). The links are here

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Marilyn’s Christmas geese are a perfect school holiday project. They’re a little fiddly to assemble, but oh so very cute…

Have a look at the other Christmas papercraft on Marilyn’s website!

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Last Minute Treats

Every year, in the final days leading up to Christmas, I decide we need just one more thing for the hampers, and we end up making these spiced nuts.  They’re incredibly easy!  I made a quadruple batch this time (two kilograms) using egg whites leftover from a recent batch of microwave custard.

This year’s mix included hazelnuts, macadamias, brazil nuts, walnuts and almonds, but you could really use whatever nuts you have on hand…

. . . . .

I have two batches of June’s vanilla kifli dough sitting in the fridge, waiting to be rolled, cut and baked just before Christmas day…

kifli 018

. . . . .

I hope to bake a batch of toffee bars this week – at this hectic time, I instinctively seek the uncomplicated, and this is one of the easiest recipes I’ve come across in a long time.  For more simple baking recipes, please have a look at our recent Five to Share post…

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Here’s a peek inside this year’s hampers – each bag contains a jar of jam, a bag of vanilla sugar, six plum pudding truffles, and a bag of spiced nuts…

I hope you’re all having fun this December!  ♥

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Here’s a little present for you – some Christmas gift tags.

They’re based on the ones we use every year, and work particularly well with gifts from the kitchen.

I’ve put together two versions – one with “Merry Christmas” and one with just the graphic, in case you’d prefer a different greeting.  You could also just cut around the picture, then write your greeting on the back. The files are in pdf format.

. . . . .

Christmas gift tag – with greeting

Christmas gift tag – blank

. . . . .

I like them printed on white cardboard, trimmed to size (with a guillotine, if you have one) and then decorated with a colourful ribbon.

The tags were created with our old copy of Printmaster Deluxe – fantastic software for creating your own cards and stationary.  We’ve used versions of this programme for more than ten years, and haven’t bought a single greeting card or gift tag in that time.  Because they’ve been so many updates, the older versions of Printmaster are often heavily discounted (ebay has several versions listed for under $20), but even at full price, it’s a bargain compared to the current cost of greeting cards.

Less than four weeks to go until Christmas!  I hope that sentence fills you with excitement rather than dread, as there’s still plenty of time to make some wonderful Christmas gifts.   Hopefully these festive tags will get you started.  Have fun!

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