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Here’s some wonderful trivia from UK based Peter May on why cottage loaves came about:

The reason for the top (the same reason as for the ‘bakers dozen’ , which means 13) was the extremely severe penalties suffered by bakers who gave short measure.  Loaves had to be sold by standard weight, thus to ensure the baker didn’t sell underweight he’d add a small dough ball on top.

Incidentally the bread laws which date from 1266 have been law right up to this year when the EU overruled them in the name of so called competition. Loaves had to be a full 800g (2lb) or half 400g (1lb)sizes.

I think it’s time for a cottage loaf revival!

Incidentally, Peter thought the top ball on my loaves should be smaller, which makes sense when you understand why it was added in the first place.

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