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Waste not, want not…

Our chocolate supplies are always fairly robust, but at Easter time, the situation gets a little out of control.  And with the exception of what the rabbit brings, most of the chocolate we eat is tempered and moulded at home. Consequently, there’s often a surfeit of packaged Easter eggs and bunnies that the boys have received as gifts.

This year we had a glut of Haigh’s solid eggs – way too good to waste, but far more than we could eat.  Last night I decided to unwrap the whole lot – all 580g of them – and bake them into a large bar.

I made a double batch of our butterscotch bar recipe (recently updated with metric measurements), substituting whole solid eggs for the chocolate chips (note: add the flour first, then the eggs, rather than the whole lot at once).

The batter was baked in a lined 23cm x 33cm (9″ x 13″) baking tin for about 40 minutes, and then allowed to cool completely before slicing (to allow the melted orbs to reform).

It’s proven to be a great way to share the love – you can’t give away eggs after Easter, but everyone adores a chocolate blondie filled with huge balls of chocolate!

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