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I would love to tell you that we make everything from scratch.

But some days…it’s just too hard.

When that happens, instead of ordering takeaway, we head to our favourite butcher. Sydney’s specialty butchers are now “value-adding” their products, creating items which can be brought home, unwrapped and popped straight into an oven or frying pan.  It’s a wonderful, high quality alternative to processed supermarket meals!

Dave and Mateja run Gojak Meats in Haberfield (photo above is courtesy of the lovely Lorraine). It’s a family run business – Dave’s father often helps out, as does their charming son Luca, who draws in all the young girls in the area during his Saturday shift.

When life gets too hectic and I can no longer think creatively, I walk into the shop and sigh…”Mateja, what are we having for dinner tonight?”

There is ample choice – often we’ll dine on free range chicken schnitzels that were crumbed that morning, or freshly made lamb and beef kebabs.  Other times, we’ll throw Dave’s homemade cevapi onto pasta, or roast his marinated duck in orange sauce in the oven.

Last week, Big Boy (bless him) stopped into the shop on his way back from university, and bought a marinated free range chicken and some deviled wings…

They all went into a 180C oven – the wings for about 40 minutes, and the whole bird for an hour – before being plonked unceremoniously onto a serving plate.  The meal was accompanied by a loaf of defrosted sourdough, and a plate of sliced cucumber and tomato…

Because the mains were so easily sorted, I then had a little time and brain space to make dessert. I defrosted a package of June’s sweet pastry and rolled it out to line my mini pie tins.  These were filled with lightly sweetened apples and berries.  If you keep a stash of pastry and berries in the freezer, you’ll never be short of a quick treat…

Do you have a really great butcher? If not, it’s definitely worth seeking one out. Look for someone who is receptive to suggestions – I asked Dave to consider stocking free range pork, and he did. Now all the pork products in his shop, both raw and cured, are made with Otway Pork.  There aren’t many places in town that make their own free range ham and bacon!

. . . . .

Gojak Meats
177 Ramsay St
Haberfield NSW 2045
(02) 8065 5658

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Harnessing my inner Lois Lane, I whipped out my camera and took some photos of my weekly pilgrimage to the Paesanella Cheese Shop.

Have I mentioned how much I love my little Lumix camera?  These photos were taken through the glass cabinets, without a tripod or flash.  The colours were perfect, despite the overhead fluorescent lighting (bless you, Adjustable White Balance function).

Some of these cheeses are pretty funky, particularly the La Tur, which made Daz’s eyes water when he tried it at our picnic in the Botanic Gardens.

la tur3

The French Fromager Des Clarines is a special treat – you heat it up in its little wooden box, then poke a hole in the middle of the cheese and fill it with a slurp of champagne.  The last time we did this, Gorgeous Terri brought Pomeroy as the accompaniment!


These soft Tartufo goat cheeses  – imported from Italy – are studded with large pieces of black truffle.

truffle cheese3

If you want seriously stinky, the locally made (and outrageously expensive) Holy Goat is an interesting cheese.  I once bought a wafer thin slice for $8.  It has a bumpy, almost quilted texture which makes you want to touch it.


Delicious olives in assorted shades – our favourites are the pitted, marinated Kalamatas on the bottom right.  They also sell stuffed bell capsicums – the ones on the left are filled with pesto, and the other ones with mascarpone.

cheese 006

cheese 007

Paesanella make their own fresh cheeses, including three or four different styles of ricotta, the rocket and chilli caciotta in the photo at the top of the page, as well as a multitude of fresh, smoked and brined mozzarellas.  They even make their own buffalo mozzarella, using locally sourced milk, which means it’s tangy, but lacks the unpleasant sourness of the frozen-then-defrosted imported stuff.

baked ricotta

There is, of course, oodles of other stuff in this shop – I just didn’t get a chance to take any more photos.  I came away with a large tub of warm ricotta, a new hard cheese to try, some St Agur (oh, how I love that they stock St Agur), Kalamata olives and the week’s supply of deli meats.  Happiness is a fridge full of gourmet goodies!

. . . . .

Paesanella Cheese Shop
88 Ramsay Rd
Haberfield NSW 2045
Tel. 02 9799 8483
or visit their online store :
DeliVer, Gourmet Food Distribution

. . . . .

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