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As we approach the one year anniversary of our regular trips to the markets, I am constantly amazed at how much better life has been since we started shopping like this. We’ve saved lots of money on produce, despite the fact that we buy so much in bulk, though this has to be countered to some small degree by the increases in our gas and electricity bills. Having said that, we wouldn’t change a thing – we love going to the markets, and we love spending our weekends turning the treasures and bargains we find into something interesting.

Last week, we came home with a tray of gorgeous, big, green and purple figs – 43 (I counted!) for $16, which seemed ridiculously cheap. I planned to give half the tray to my mum, and in fact, only bought them because I knew I would be seeing her that night. Ripe figs certainly aren’t a keeper, and I knew that if I had them at home for a couple of days, they’d be too mushy to give as a gift. Pete, Big Boy and I ate six of the remaining figs the next day – cut in half, griddled briefly, and then wrapped in cheese and prosciutto. I had them with Gorgonzola Dolce, and the boys had haloumi on theirs.

Pete turned the remaining kilo or so of figs into Fig and Calvados Jam for my dad. All of Pete’s jams are good, but the fig jam is up there with the Provence style Apricot and Nectarine he made last Christmas. In other words, it’s really, really good. Our jams never use commercial pectin – we always make our own from apples. The latest batch of pectin was made from new season Royal Gala apples and is setting very firmly. It goes to show how much better the pectin is from slightly under-ripe, early season apples.

The fig man at the markets also had limes, and I couldn’t resist buying a box. They were quite expensive ($14/box of 48), but the last batch of lime cordial was so popular that I wanted to make some more. Of course, all cordials use enormous amounts of sugar, so I had to walk up to the shops to stock up. Walking up was easy, but walking back with 8kg of sugar was hard. (There’s always a moment when I wonder if I should have put a packet back – although that’s invariably 200m from home, after I’ve walked 800m). The lime cordial is dead easy – everyone should make some. Well, everyone who picks up a box of limes at the markets, that is.


  • 8 limes
  • 1.5kg sugar
  • 1 litre boiling water
  • 4 tsp tartaric acid

Zest the limes and then squeeze the juice into a separate jug (I sieve it first). Put the zest, hot water, sugar and tartaric acid into a large mixing bowl and whisk vigorously until the sugar dissolves. It’s pretty hot, so don’t get carried away and whisk until it all splashes out of the bowl, or you’ll burn yourself. Stir in the lime juice. Let the whole thing cool, and then pour it through a sieve (to get the rind out) into sterile glass bottles, seal and refrigerate.

We usually serve this with soda water, although it’s pretty good just with cold tap or filtered water.

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