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Pete wanted to call this post, “Cookie Mum Goes Mental!”.

Over the weekend, in a burst of baking enthusiasm, I made 112 cookies.

Most of them are in the photo above, along with the wrist guard which I tragically had to wear so that I didn’t hurt myself while scooping out the cold dough. I’m getting old…

I made three different sorts of cookies – our regular chocolate chip, a double chocolate, and a white chocolate with dark chunks.  They’ve all been packaged up, with most of them going into the freezer, where they’ll hibernate until we need them.  Cookies really do freeze very well, and I find it comforting to always have a stash on hand.

Due to time constraints, I mixed up all the batters on Saturday afternoon, but didn’t get a chance to bake them until Sunday morning.  When I went to scoop them out, I found that the dough had set hard, like firm ice cream (hence the wrist guard).

The cold dough baked into perfect round cookies – plump and fat, without any spreading.  I’ll definitely be making my cookie batter ahead of time from now on, and letting it chill in the fridge!

(Clockwise from left) Double-Rich Chocolate Cookies, White Chocolate Cookies with Chocolate Chunks, Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

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