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My friend Marilyn (or Maz to us Aussies) is a fabulous paper artist.

In the past, we’ve had great fun playing with all the free paper toys on her website. It’s a great holiday resource for parents with small children, although I  personally find it very soothing and meditative cutting and folding all her clever creations. We made her Easter eggs and baskets earlier in the year, and they were very popular (particularly filled with chocolates).

I recently purchased Marilyn’s new book from Amazon, and thought you might enjoy a sneak preview inside its covers.  Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that all the pieces are perforated, so they can just be popped out without the need for scissors.

Here are the paper toys on offer:

…and the couple of pieces we’ve made so far.  They’ll grace our dining table this Christmas!

The books are available at Amazon.com for just $7.95 each, and they’re currently on a “buy 4 for the price of 3” offer.

My friend Maz is a lovely, clever, generous soul, and her work brings a burst of joy and whimsy into our lives.  She doesn’t know I’m writing this post (surprise, Maz!).  I’d like to encourage you to visit and enjoy all the great stuff on her website, and to think about purchasing a book or two – there aren’t enough creative, giving people in this world, and we need to support them wherever we can!


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A quick Easter tip – my friend Marilyn has a free pattern for this very cute Easter basket on her Toymaker website.

I’ve printed them out on light cardboard and lined them with a little parchment paper, before filling with homemade Easter chocolates for the neighbourhood children.

There are lots of other Easter craft ideas at the Toymaker website as well!

Here are a couple of Marilyn’s flower bags – we’re having a creative morning!

Edit: A brand new pattern – cardboard Easter eggs!  The link is here.

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I’ve come across a wonderful website – full of whimsy and old world charm – and I thought I’d share it with you.  It features the work of Marilyn Scott-Waters, artist and paper engineer.  Her website provides hundreds of free patterns that can be printed out onto light card or paper and then cut and folded into shape.  It’s a perfect school holiday activity, but also a peaceful, meditative pastime for grown-ups – here are some photos of the items we made today.

These “Penny Butterflies” (or in our case, 5c butterflies) balance on a point and flutter slightly in the breeze.

There are scores of downloadable Christmas cards, stationary and gift boxes, including the small Candy Cane Bags pictured above and the little Elf gift tags and Angel card below.

And just look at how cute these little guys are – polar bears helping Santa with his toy trailer!

Small Man, who loves all forms of model building, spent the better part of an hour cutting and folding this fabulous cardboard biplane.

The Toymaker’s website also provides several paper doll patterns, with intricately detailed clothing.  She has human figures, but also otters and groundhogs – here are her otters, Charles and Brook, dressed in their ball costumes.

We had so much fun today, as we always do when given the opportunity to be creative. I’d encourage you all to spend some time this weekend indulging in a little papercraft – it’s very therapeutic!

PS. This is not a sponsored piece (nor are any of my posts)quite the opposite, in fact.  I was so impressed by the Toymaker website that I tipped some money into their donation jar!

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