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During a recent freezer cleanout, I uncovered two packets of frozen giant marshmallows.

I turned one packet into marshmallow cookies – a favourite of Big Boy and his friends, although this time they were reasonably sized rather than ludicrous, as I had the foresight to cut the white pillows in half before encasing them in chocolate cookie dough.

Feeling lazy, I decided to try and make a slab with the remaining packet (wrapping dough around 25 marshmallow pieces had taken a looong time).

I made the same dough again, albeit with fewer added choc chips, and worked a thin layer over the bottom of a lined tray.  I topped this with whole marshmallows, and then tried to mould the remaining batter over the top.

The dough was very stiff, and in the end, it was just as fiddly as making the cookies (sigh) but the  result was this slightly mad bumpy terrain of marshmallow filled hills.  I had to stop Pete, who thought he could break them apart “like scones”.  (Edit: I think I’ll rename this dish Sheep in a Blanket.)

My mother always told me not to play with my food, but I don’t think she ever realised how much fun it could be!

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