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Several times a week, Small Girl comes to visit.

She’s not yet three, and only speaks Japanese, apart from words like Aunty Celia and choc-lat and thank you.

Every couple of days, she will trudge up the driveway in her bright pink gumboots, feed weeds to the chooks (having chickens in suburbia is tantamount to running a neighbourhood petting zoo), before coming inside in search of a treat.

Recently, I discovered that if I put chocolate on a stick, there’s less chance of finding small brown handprints on the furniture.  Inspired by the market creations of my friend Gillian, I ordered some moulds from Candyland Crafts and made up a batch of darkened milk chocolate lollipops.

These trains look familiar enough to pass muster, although they have enough chocolate in them to derail a little person’s system…

These cute teddies are a good size and shape for small hands and mouths…

..and flowers are always popular!

Small Girl’s Mummy, if you’re reading this, please come for a visit soon!

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mas 001

Inspired by this post at Some Say Cacao, I added a mask mould to my last order from Candyland Crafts. Each mask was 11cm long and beautifully detailed.  A boxed set of three made the perfect birthday present for my friend Julie.

Overambitious as always, I tried decorating the finished masks with piped tempered white chocolate. The idea proved to be far simpler  in planning than actual execution.   I am tragically rubbish at piping…

mas3 005

I ended up with an excess of white chocolate, which I moulded into a white and dark chocolate mask.  It came out looking like carved marble!

mas2 001

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