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As we’re awash with new garlic, I thought it was prudent to use up the remains of my frozen stash from last year!

When we buy our new season garlic each year from Di and Ian, we keep some of it aside for immediate consumption and break the rest into cloves which we vacuum seal and freeze in a thick plastic bag.  After a full year in our stand-alone freezer, our cloves were still in great condition…

Freezing changes the texture of the cloves – they become translucent and softer.   Peeling is much easier, and we don’t really discern a noticeable difference in flavour or aroma, although we do always cook our frozen garlic.

I made a caramelised garlic filling using a Dan Lepard recipe which I posted about almost exactly one year ago. The recipe specifies boiling the unpeeled cloves, but as our defrosted garlic was already quite soft, I simply immersed them briefly in a bowl of boiling water and then removed the papery skins.  You can see from the photo below that the defrosted cloves are a different  colour and texture to fresh – they’re no longer crunchy, but rather have a soft, almost gelatinous quality to them.

The blanched cloves were browned briefly in olive oil, before a mixture of water, balsamic vinegar, caster sugar, salt, pepper and fresh rosemary were added (quantities are here)…

The thick caramel was allowed to cool slightly before being incorporated into a batch of white sourdough.  I simply flattened out the dough, spread over the mixture, and folded the sides over to enclose it.

The end result was delicious – sweet, but not overly so – and very garlicky!

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