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One more quick revisit, in case anyone else is as cold as I am at the moment!

It is freezing in Sydney – coldest June day in 60 years, with more frosty weather to come. Our outdoor thermometer registered 2.8°C overnight – very chilly for our temperate city!

As a result, I’ve been sewing polarfleece sacks, using this pattern that I wrote last year.  If you have even basic sewing skills, they’re very simple to put together.  I’m sitting in one right now as I type…

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It’s cold in Sydney at the moment.  Not cold enough to grow raspberries, but chilly nonetheless.  Cold enough to be flu season and sure enough, I have  the flu.  I’ve decided the cure is:

  1. Flu meds + rest
  2. David Attenborough dvds
  3. A polarfleece sack

Polarfleece is an amazing fabric.  Even if you can’t sew a stitch, you can make yourself a blanket, since this material doesn’t need any finishing.   You can just go to Spotlight, buy two metres of fleece, and voila, there’s your blanket. If you wanted to be neat, you could cut the selvages off,  hem or even fringe the edges, but none of these things are necessary, as the fleece won’t fray.  The fabric is super warm, cuddly, and dead easy to machine wash and dry.

If you can sew, you might want to go just that little bit further and make some polarfleece sacks, which is what I’ve been doing.  These have a simple boxed pocket at the end, so you can tuck your feet in when you’re watching tv or sitting at the computer. The pocket seems to amp the warmth up several notches and the cocoon factor makes this an ideal gift for couch potato teenagers.  I’m not brilliant at writing sewing instructions, and my grasp on Microsoft Paint is tenuous at the best of times, so please excuse the dodgy illustrations.  Having said that, these sacks are pretty easy – you only need to be able to sew a straight seam!

The instructions are here : Sewing a Polarfleece Sack…

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