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We’re frantically busy at the moment.

My mother has a lovely Hokkien expression for times like this –  pee kung bor hong – which literally translated means, “nose has no air”.  Or in other words, “too busy to breathe”.

When things get hectic, I like to eat dhal, specifically chana dhal.  Not only do I adore the taste of it, but it has an amazingly low GI – between 5 and 11 – and I find it comforting and levelling during busy times.  I first read about it years ago on this website, and have been a big fan of the pulse ever since.

Today, I used it to cook up a large batch of Simon Bryant’s dhal soup recipe, which can be found here.  I’ll now stash the pot in the fridge, and dip into it for lunches over the next few days.  That’s one thing sorted, and I’m feeling better already!

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