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white choc 003

The amazing, irrepressible David Lebovitz has been making caramelised white chocolate.  It’s just so wrong and yet…I can’t stop eating it.  I made some last night with half a kilo of Callebaut white callets. It is ludicrously good and far too easy to make.  Thankfully it set rock hard in the jar overnight, or I’d be eating it now for breakfast.  Having said that, it microwaved to gooey perfection in under a minute.

In case you’re wondering – the photo above is just white chocolate – nothing added or subtracted.  The chocolate turns a rich toffee brown in the oven as the sugars in it darken and caramelise. Pete wants to make it into icecream, but I reckon we should just eat it with a spoon!

caramelised white choc 014

. . . . .

Tah dah! We’ve turned this into a caramelised white chocolate bar!

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