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I figured it was my turn to shout Big Boy lunch, so we headed out to Manmaruya in Ashfield to eat sushi.

We started with an old favourite, the Salmon Avocado Sushi Fusion.  The salmon roe and Japanese mayonnaise make this very moreish…

We then splurged on the gourmet sushi platter, with sea urchin, Ikura caviar, scampi, Wagyu beef, squid, roasted eel, salmon, tuna, kingfish and prawn…

The scampi (an Australian crustacean similar to a baby lobster) and the sea urchin are my favourites, so Big Boy very kindly let me have those…

It’s such a treat to go out with just Big Boy for lunch – he’s more adventurous in his eating than Pete or Small Man, so we always get to try the exotic and interesting!

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