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I figured it was my turn to shout Big Boy lunch, so we headed out to Manmaruya in Ashfield to eat sushi.

We started with an old favourite, the Salmon Avocado Sushi Fusion.  The salmon roe and Japanese mayonnaise make this very moreish…

We then splurged on the gourmet sushi platter, with sea urchin, Ikura caviar, scampi, Wagyu beef, squid, roasted eel, salmon, tuna, kingfish and prawn…

The scampi (an Australian crustacean similar to a baby lobster) and the sea urchin are my favourites, so Big Boy very kindly let me have those…

It’s such a treat to go out with just Big Boy for lunch – he’s more adventurous in his eating than Pete or Small Man, so we always get to try the exotic and interesting!

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I don’t post a lot of restaurant reviews here, mostly because we don’t actually eat out very often.

When we have a hankering for Japanese food though, we almost always eat at Manmaruya.  This very reasonably priced noodle bar began as a single outlet in Campsie, and has now expanded to include stores in Hurstville and Ashfield.  The food is always consistently good and, according to our Japanese friends, very authentic.

The Ashfield restaurant has only been opened a couple of weeks, so we headed out last night with the boys and my parents to try it out.  I clicked happily away with my pocket Lumix, which coped brilliantly with the lower light and managed to take all these photos flash-free.

There was so much salad on the table – almost every dish came with its own serve…

The  Salmon Avocado Sushi Fusion ($12.80) is a new dish to us – the sauce is a light mayonnaise that perfectly complements the other ingredients.

Endamame was just $3 a bowl – we ordered two…

Small Man always has Teriyaki Chicken Don ($12.80)..

I ordered a Kabayaki-Eel Bento Box ($18.80), which came with rice and miso soup.  The set included gyoza, seaweed salad, green salad and salmon sashimi as well..

Big Boy had a Pork Katsu Bento Box ($15.80)…

My dad had the Pork Sho-yu Ramen ($9.80)…

…and Pete had the slightly more extravagent Cha-Shu Ramen ($12.80).

Both ramen and udon noodles are available, in either pork or chicken soup bases.  The extensive menu offers about twenty different noodle soup options…

The menu also offers a variety of ways to customise your meal – you can add a side order of dumplings and salad, or extra ingredients in your soup, or purchase a mini ramen set with your main meal for an extra $5.

There is also a cheaper lunch menu, with smaller box meal sets available around the $10 mark.  And if you bring kids to lunch, you can purchase a mini ramen for them for just $3.  Great value for fresh, delicious food!

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Japanese Noodle Bar Manmaruya
217 Liverpool Road
Ashfield   NSW  2131
Tel. 9799 6889

Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30 pm – 9.30pm
Closed Tuesdays

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