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Clever Gillian at Some Say Cocoa made mendiants, French chocolate disks studded with dried fruit and nuts. They inspired me to try a block version using the leftover bits and pieces from our Christmas cakes.

Above, from left to right, are almond and crystallised ginger, glacé fig and walnut, and glacé apricot, ginger and raisin bars.  They’re quite easy to make – pour the tempered chocolate into block moulds, then embellish to your heart’s content. As Gillian points out, you need to work quickly, as the chocolate starts to set up straight away.

I also made a couple of larger blocks – one with glacé fig and raisins, and the other with glacé apricot and cacao nibs.  Wrapped in cellophane, these bejeweled bars will make a festive addition to our Christmas hampers!

. . . . .

Thank you to everyone who entered our Giveaway!

Maryann, Sue and Liz, your parcels will be in the mail shortly!

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Clever Maureen, at the insistence of her son, discovered that Kevin Sherrie’s grain mix works brilliantly with dried fruit.  I made an overnight batch of sourdough and threw in a handful each of raisins and whole dried cranberries, as well as a couple of teaspoons of Herbie’s mixed spice (but didn’t add any sugar).  Because I used less leaven than I normally would, the end result was a chewy, substantial and totally addictive fruit bread, which Pete is wolfing down as I type (always a good measure of success!).


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